How To Clean Dog Ear Infection? – Full Guide

Similar to humans, dogs can also develop all sorts of ear issues. Ear infection in a dog occurs when many bacteria or fungi multiply inside of its ear.

How to Clean Dog Ear Infection

Dogs’ ears have many folds and crevices that might be occupied by dust and grime. Ear infections also affect each dog differently, and there are different signs of dog ear infections to look out for.

In this article, we’ll share an extensive guide on properly cleaning dog ear infections and what experts recommend while doing so.

How To Treat Dog Ear Infection?

An ear infection is so common in dogs that it has become a massive concern for thousands of pet lovers worldwide.

If your dog has an ear infection, the signs are usually very noticeable.

In general, dogs often shake their heads or scratch at the ears more frequently than normal when they have ear infections or other problems with their ears.

It is because they are uncomfortable in that area and itchy.

Foul odor coming from ears, pain when touching the ear area, visible residue in the ear, scratching at the ears, rubbing ears on the floor, and intense head shaking are the most common symptoms of ear infections in dogs.

Handling any dog ear infection at the beginning is easier than when the infection gets worse. If the problems worsen, you need professional help and medication to cure them.

Therefore, it is always recommended to address ear infections as soon as possible. Below, you can find an extensive guide on cleaning dog ear infections.

Step-By-Step Guide For Cleaning Dog’s Ears

Before we continue to the problem areas, we should discuss the security estimates you should take before this interaction.

First of all, investigate and ensure it is otitis externa (a type of dog ear infection), in which the external piece of the canine ear is tainted.

Assuming that is the situation, then, at that point, you can continue with cleaning your dog’s ear, however considering that your pet has an inner ear disease, don’t play out this activity.

So, we should continue with the guide.

Dog Ear Infection Cleanup

Be Gentle

It is the most significant part of cleaning dog ear infections. It will guarantee your furry friend that all is great, and your dog will try to avoid panicking.

The Vulnerable Breeds

Not all dogs will give indications of disease when they grow up. Yet, a few sorts are defenseless against these ear infections, similar to Basset Hound or Cocker Spaniel, as per American Kennel Club. If you have these varieties, make them used to get their ears touched from the start.

Get Prepared

You are not a specialist in cleaning a dog ear infection, so you should set yourself up before playing the cleaning role.

It is wiser to request that somebody help you, as you can pour the drops, and the other individual can tenderly hold the dog down.

You may wonder that we are using “gently” more than once. That is because being gentle throughout the entire interaction is foremost.

Gather The Basics

After getting ready, begin gathering vital things like wooly fabric or a towel. You will require it for cleaning.

Settle Your Dog

Settle your dog in an agreeable position, similar to a mat on the floor, and sit definitively behind him.

Dry Out Your Dog’s Ear

Dry out the ear using a wooly towel. Be sure not to use a cotton piece.

Hold The Ear Softly

Hold and move your pet’s ear delicately upwards to clear the path for the liquid to go in.

Use The Cleaner

The crucial part is pouring the dog ear cleaner inside your pet’s ear. Pour the ear cleaner inside the ear to the point that it floods outside the ear. Definitely! It is alright, assuming it does.

Be cautious, however, as you ought not to let the nib of the cleaner bottle contact your pet’s ears. If it erroneously does, use liquor to clean the nib to keep microorganisms from creating.

Keep Holding For A Few Seconds

With your second hand, keep grasping the ear upwards and back rub the opening for around 20-40 seconds.

Because of it, the liquid will travel straightforwardly into the ear, clearing out any loss in its way, and you will hear a blurred crush sound.

Cleaning The Debris

Keep on holding the ear upwards and using cotton to clean the squandered and extra liquid from the ear lap’s bottom and surroundings.


After the interaction, let your pet shiver his head however much he needs. Because of the shivering, more squandered cleaning liquid that couldn’t go inside will come out on the ear opening.

Hold The Ear Again

Again, handle the ear upwards, and by using the cotton, clean the excess squandered liquid. Just push the cotton inside as much as a finger’s range, and clean just that part.

Going further inside will hurt the ear and help the ear infection jump back in.

At times, doing so can likewise make the danger of deafness in your dog, as it might also hurt the eardrum. That’s why watch out and be more mindful while cleaning your dog’s ear infection!

Treat Time

After effectively executing the work, give your dog a few treats for his understanding and participation with the goal so that he promptly prepares for ear cleaning next time.

Potentially Bad News

If your pet seems to be in torment even after all the cleaning, go to the vet and request the necessary prescription.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Ear Infection Medicine

You can apply for the medication immediately after cleaning your dog’s ear infection. Counsel the vet on the best way to use the medication, the number of drops required, etc.

The course of ear infection prescription is equivalent to cleaning the ear.

  1. Hold the earlap upwards and uncover the ear pathway.
  2. Pour the advised numbers or sum regarding the medication inside the ear.
  3. Be mindful not to allow the medication to bottle nib contact your pet’s ear to keep away from the spread of ear infections.
  4. Delicately, rub the lower part of the ear for around 20-40 seconds and permit the medication to arrive at the center of the ear; a weak sound of crunch will be heard.
  5. At last, clean any wasted liquid with cotton, and you are good to go!

When To See A Veterinarian For A Dog Ear Infection?

If the home remedies aren’t working in favor of your dog, the ear infection isn’t subsiding or going away. It would be best to see a vet and tell them about the whole scenario.

The vet will conduct a series of tests to identify the problem.

These tests will include blood tests, X-rays of the dog’s head, CT or Computed Tomography scan, or sometimes, an MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging to correctly identify the disease.

Then, he will prescribe you the necessary medication accordingly.

If your dog’s lucky enough, the ear infection will subside within 10 to 15 days, only when you have taken all the preventive measures.

But if that doesn’t happen, your dog’s ear infection is still not calming down. Retake your dog to a vet.

Once again, after deeply identifying the problem, the veterinarian will use different lotions or ear drops to pour them into the dog’s ear deep enough to act on the infected area.

He will also use antibiotics or painkiller medicines to cure your dog’s ear infection. But if any of these treatments do not seem to be working well, there is still a practical option left.

The doctor will advise surgery to be performed on the ear. This surgery is called TECA (or Total Ear Canal Ablation). In which the ear canal is successfully removed.

Due to that, the infected tissue is also removed, and the infection spread is contained. But that option is only suitable for series ear infection cases, not ordinary or mild ones.


One thing to take care of is to make sure that those medications are not damaging the dog’s eardrums because, in some cases, the dogs may become deaf. Even in between the surgery, keep checking if your dog is hearing correctly or not. If not, tell the doctor instantly to prevent deafness.

The dog ear infections that last longer than usual are chronic, the reasons being several allergies and bacteria or yeasts. These infections often occur in dog breeds with long ears like Basset Hounds.

The Takeaway

Treating your dog’s ear problems is important for maintaining his overall health.

Cleaning your dog ear infection is simple—just pour a little of the dog ear-cleaning solution into the top of the ear canal and let it slide down through (don’t force it).

The goal is for the solution to fill the entire ear canal and break any accumulated debris or gunk.

Your dog’s ears should be checked regularly for infection, inflammation, and other problems.

Some infections or inflammations in dog ears can be minor, while others require immediate veterinary attention.