Why Do Cats Want You To Walk Them To Their Food? – Explained

Each time your kitty kat walks you to his plate of food, you want to be sure that it is nutritionally complete. Cats are carnivores, and they have to have protein to keep them healthy.

But why do cats want you to walk them to their food? Do they imagine themselves like the alpha male lion in the wild eating first?

Why do Cats want you to Walk them to their Food

They dine first, watched by the lionesses and cubs. Is this perhaps why your cat wants you to walk them to their food and watch them eat? Maybe he imagines himself to be king in your own home.

It’s Weird As Cats Are Essentially Solitary Diners

The nature of domesticated cats isn’t set in stone. A lot depends on how a kitten is raised and the environment and lifestyle he finds himself in.

Maybe you’ve instilled in him the need to eat in company. For us humans, eating is a social event, but cats are essentially solitary hunters and solitary diners.

Although cats do prefer to eat alone, some appreciate the presence of other cats, other pets, and their human owner at their meals.

Cats Can Be Confusing At Mealtimes

Cats can sometimes be unpredictable creatures. One minute they demand your attention, and other times they want to keep their distance.

They can also be confusing at their mealtimes. Why do cats want you to walk them to their food some days? Is it because they want you to stand around and watch them eat?

Cats may want you to walk them to their food because they want to watch them eat. They meow and look up at you, beckoning you to follow them to the kitchen.

Once there, they start to eat, glancing in your direction to make sure you’ve stayed put.

If you attempt to walk away, they stop eating and meow at you to return to their eating area.

Your Furry Friend Has Separation Anxiety

Cats aren’t always aloof as they seem to be. They are capable of becoming very attached to their humans.

They can suffer from separation anxiety and have a hyper-attachment to you as their owner and caregiver. They want you to be constantly together.

Many cats like their owners to watch them eat. As a devoted pet owner, though, you need to be aware that you are paving the way to difficulties later on.

True, on the surface, it may appear that this practice won’t have a detrimental influence on you or your cat’s health.

If you go on holiday and leave your cat in the care of a friend, not having you watch him eat could cause emotional tension. He may even refuse to eat.

A phone call from your friend with this news can ruin your holiday too,

A Strange, New Environment

People ask all the time, ‘why do cats want you to walk them to their food?’ Maybe it’s because you’ve just recently moved. Your cat is now in a new environment and is quite possibly feeling out of sorts.

Cats don’t do well with change, and even small changes to their environment can throw them off balance.

They become stressed. A move can be highly stressful, and even a new human baby in the house can upset a cat.

Felines react to these changes in several ways, and one of these is demanding you walk with him to his food.

This kind of behavior isn’t something unacceptable – it simply calls for some understanding and patience.

Even if you have tried to disrupt your cat’s life as little as possible, he will be negatively affected by the newness of everything. Just walk him to his food, sit with him and help him feel more at ease.

Even if you haven’t moved, a change in your daily routine can also upset your furry friend.

Party Season Is Unnerving

Holidays can be particularly stressful for your feline friend, especially if you’re not a party animal yourself.

The 4th of July and New Year are perfect examples of firework times. Most states allow fireworks, and the bright lights and loud bangs can send your pet into panic mode.

He wants you to walk him to his food lest a cracker blasts his bowl away. He wants you to protect him and keep him safe while navigating his way to his feeding area.

When cats feel scared, they look to their human owners for protection and assurance. When he is feeling at his most vulnerable, it’s time to be more patient and to work at restoring his confidence.

Some cats want you to Walk them to their Food

He’s Developed The Annoying Habit

Kittens are similar to human newborns in some ways. They can develop bad- or irritating habits as they grow older.

A cat that lives indoors only and has only one human in his life can often develop annoying habits.

As a kitten, you may have watched him eat to ensure he was eating. He may even have been orphaned early, and you want to be there constantly for him.

Many pet owners are taken up with a gorgeous new pet; they tend to spoon-feed them. They may even go one step further and feed their pet from their lap.

Such eating arrangements may have become a habit now. Your adult cat now expects your companionship while eating.

Cat experts are constantly approached with wanting solutions to cats that insist their owners walk them to their food. They also want their owners to watch them eat.

The experts believe that you are making it traumatic for yourself and your cat by encouraging this behavior.

You may have to go away out of your cat’s life, and he may refuse to accept food from anybody else.

So on the surface, it may seem that the practice is harmless when in fact, it could jeopardize your cat and yourself.

The total reliance on your company can cause emotional tension with your cat, but also with you.

He’s Got Issues With His Food

Cats are notoriously picky eaters. They will eat their food with relish and then suddenly lose interest in it.

Have him checked out by a vet before you label your furry friend a fussy eater. It could be that the food upsets his stomach and gives him digestive issues.

If health is not the problem, you may need to consider that your pet has acquired a bad habit.  Why do cats want you to walk them to their food when he’s a picky eater?

He wants you to witness him sniffing his food and turning his nose up at it.

He wants his actions to spur you to look at something more delectable for him to eat.


There is no doubt that your pet kitty kat loves the extra attention he is getting from you. Why do cats want you to walk them to their food?

He knows that he’s safe with you and that he will be stroked and petted while he eats.

Assess your cat’s behavior. If it’s something new he’s doing, something may be upsetting or stressing him out.

Be understanding and patient with your pet. Ride out this short period of his life. You’ll see, your patience and love will pay off, and he will soon be his old usual self.