Cat Overgrooming Scabs – All You Need To Know

If there is one thing cats are known for, it is cleanliness. Just about all cats love keeping themselves clean. That’s why it’s very easy to catch a cat licking or scrub itself using either its legs or an object.

While there is nothing wrong with cats wanting to be clean or cleaning themselves, it can be dangerous. Dangerous in that a cat can overdo either of these two.

Cat Over Grooming Scabs Causes & Solutions

If this happens, your cat will develop scabs. We don’t want this. That’s why this post highlights the topic of cat overgrooming scabs, its reasons, and how to address it properly.

Cat Overgrooming Scabs – What Are They?

Important to note when talking about cat overgrooming scabs is; what are they? That said, what are cat overgrooming scabs?

Well, they are simply protective tissue that forms on a cat’s body once its skin gets damaged. Yes, it’s that simple.

Now that we know what cat grooming scabs are, we can shift our attention to how? How do cats get overgrooming scabs?

The answer to this question is simple; cats groom themselves. More specifically, cats excessively groom themselves.

Cats, in general, like to groom themselves as a way of making sure they are clean. Unfortunately, there are some cats that overdo this, and when this happens, these cats end up developing or having scabs.

Scabs tend to go hand in hand with skin sore and hair loss. These two are perfect tale-tale signs that your cat is overgrooming and likely to develop scabs.    

Why Do Cats Overgroom?

There are several reasons why cats overgroom. One such reason is a feel-good factor. Every time a cat grooms itself, it releases endorphins.

These are naturally feel-good comforting neurotransmitters made by the brain. In simple terms, they feel really good and comfortable while grooming themselves.

And this applies even when they are hurting themselves.

Other than feeling good, cats are known to overgroom due to stress. Stress in cats can result from a number of things.

For instance, the absence of a family member can result in stress, permanent changes to routines, and even the arrival of a new pet in the house.

Other stress factors include rearranging furniture in your home, moving apartments, and moving its litter box.

What Are Cat Scab Treatments/Remedies?

With some knowledge on overgrooming cat scabs, we can shift our attention to treatments and/or remedies.

While there are no direct treatments or remedies, there are certain things you can do to ease overgrooming cat scabs.

That said, there are two main aspects of treatment or remedy when dealing with overgrooming cat scabs.

The first aspect of treatment and/or remedy involves pointing out the cause. This should be easy for you now since we’ve already touched on the causes of overgrooming cat scabs.

Once you identify the cause, you need to do away with it completely. In other words, you need to remove the problem.

The second aspect is ensuring that the cat doesn’t injure him/herself or make the cat scabs worse. These two should be done simultaneously to properly carry out a treatment and/or remedy a cat’s overgrooming scab.

Equally important when treating overgrooming cat scabs is checking for mites or fleas. One of the reasons why your cat might be overgrooming is these two.

If your cat happens to have mites or fleas, your cat will do everything to fight them. The best way (according to your cat) is overgrooming.

Overgrooming & Cat Overgrooming Scabs

With overgrooming comes cat overgrooming scabs. Therefore, if you happen to notice overgrooming scabs on your cat(s), you must check your cat for parasites.

If you cannot check, you can wash it using soap or washing detergent specifically meant to remove parasites.

Alternatively, a call to your vet will leave you with treatment recommendations on how to deal with the unwanted parasites.

Cat Over Grooming Scabs

Can You Stop Cat Overgrooming Scabs?

Stopping overgrooming cat scabs is possible. You will, however, need a veterinarian to do two things. One is to rule out any type of medical condition.

Two is to confirm a psychogenic alopecia diagnosis. Ruling out a medical condition requires a vet visit. A vet is the only person who’ll be able to rule out if your cats overgrooming is not due to medical conditions. What kind of medical conditions are we referring to?

Well, things like allergies, skin mites, flea infestation, fungal and bacterial infection, and ringworm are perfect examples. In most cases, lab work or skin biopsies will help determine if your cat has a skin condition.    

Excessive licking behaviors among cats without medical diagnosis require anti-anxiety drugs. A vet usually prescribes these drugs to break the licking cycle.

A plus with anti-anxiety drugs is that cats don’t have to be on them throughout their lives. It’s usually for a period of time to help the animal deal with stress.

In the event that your cat is under anti-anxiety medication, you must follow your vet’s instructions.

Anti-Anxiety Drugs

If you don’t want to go the vet way (not advised), you can eliminate the cause. In most cases, overgrooming with cats can be dealt with using anti-anxiety drugs. It is important, however, that a vet prescribe these drugs.

Worth noting, these drugs will gradually help you’re your cat to stop overgrooming. In addition, your cat does not have to be on these drugs throughout its lifetime.

Eliminating the cause can help in gradually stopping your cat from overgrooming. This, of course, only works if your cat is not overgrooming because of a medical condition. It’ll only work if things like stress are in play.

Absence Of Someone/Something 

If your cat is overgrooming because of stress caused by the absence of someone, you can ask them to leave behind some of their possession.

Ideally, you want to go for their clothing because it’ll have their smell. It should gradually do the trick if your cat is overgrooming because of missing someone.

New Pets

Cats can also overgroom due to a new pet(s) being introduced in a home. If this is the case, you can gradually introduce the new pet to help ease the stress levels.

Self Confidence 

Self-confidence is also a way of stopping cats from overgrooming themselves. One way you can build up your cat’s confidence is through play therapy.

Play therapy can be administered through interactive games. Games like chase-the-fishing-pole are perfect.   

Plug-in Pheromone Products

Plug-in pheromone products are also ideal when it comes to cats overgrooming because of stress. Think of plug-in pheromone products as being similar to the scent cats naturally produce.

Even better, they are easy to use. Simply rub or spray it on any given object, and this will give it a calming effect.


There you have it, everything there is to know about overgrooming cat scabs. While you can treat or remedy overgrooming cat scabs, it is always best to visit a vet in such situations.

It is more-so important if your cat ends up developing a skin condition. All-in-all, cat overgrooming scabs are not urgent, not life-threatening.

They can always be treated at home or remedied at home. But just in case you are in doubt, you can always ring your vet for valuable advice.