Can You Ride A Cow? Is It A Good Idea?

Humans have used various kinds of animals according to their needs.

As evolution continued, we learned to use the animals to pull the carts, transfer things from one place to another, go searching for food, and many more.

Can you ride a cow?

Principally, horses, mares, and mules pulled the cart and performed other operations. Domesticated animals were not popular choices.

But what about riding cows? In this article, we’ll look into how you can train a cow to be ridden and if that’s a good idea.

How Do You Ride A Cow?

Start Early

When you think of having a cow as your ride, you should start early. It is wise to select a calf over a full-grown cow for work. Before it gets used to the natural behavior of cows or other domestic animals, you must teach the basics.

Show Your Love

Before an animal starts listening to you and follow your instructions, you need to build a bond with them. Just like with any relationship, animals also need love and care before they get comfortable with you.

So, before you train your cow to ride you, you need to gain her trust. If you go straight and try and get behind her back, they may attack and get you injured.

Being around them and gently adoring them is a start. From there on, feed them, play with them. After few days, you’ll notice that the calf is comfortable around you.

How To Start?

Before pilling on your weight, you should start gently. Pile a little weight to begin with and then increase after a day or week or maybe a month. Gradually the calf would get used to the weight piled upon its back.

You must ensure that there is enough trust level between you. Otherwise, cows may attack you and get you injured.

When it starts to ride using weight, then you should move onto the next step. Try to get your one leg above the calf. Teach the calf to carry your weight. It will take time as the weight increases considerably.

After a while, try getting on the back of the cow. You have to observe whether it is causing any discomfort to the animal. If it does, try giving it some more time.

How to ride a cow

What Next?

When you can sit on the back of a cow, take it for a small ride in a safe and closed space. There you could communicate with the cow and move around a little bit and see if it can carry your weight.

The main thing that is notable here is your safety. Usually, domestic animals are clumsy by nature. So, going haywire while riding can be an ever-occurring scenario.

Moving Forward

If you notice that the cow can carry you around, the next step will be installing a halter around her neck. Use it to dictate the direction of your movement. Be careful while installing it. Cows are not used to this and may respond differently.

A Proper Ride

Take your cow for another spin in a safe and closed space again. This time use the halters to turn the cow accordingly. See if it responds to your call and makes a swift movement. One of the tricks you can use here is taking the cow right at the end of the space.

From there, the cow will not have the choice to go forward anymore. Now, you pull your halters and see if follows your instruction. Ideally, they will take time to get used to the coded instructions.

When they respond to your action accordingly, then you can use the cow as your ride. It is up to you to take the risk.

Why Cows Are Not An Ideal Choice For Riding

  • Other animals such as horses, donkeys, or mules are more practical choices riding. Their body structure suits the job and they are safe to ride. Whenever you go for a job, you are guaranteed to reach there safely.
  • Going for horses and donkeys is a wiser choice as they have hooves. It provides better stability while riding.
  • As mentioned before, domestic animals such as cows are clumsy. They don’t have a steady movement.
  • Speed is also a crucial factor for animal riding. Cattles are not ideal runners. When they run, they look puzzled. It like they aren’t used to running too much. But for horses, they have it in their genes. They are born to run. Horse riding is steady and pacey. A horse ride is one of the best experiences you can have.
  • Cows can quickly get tired. They have a large body structure to carry. Putting your weight above them slows them down even more.
  • Cattles are hard to train. They don’t listen to your instruction as the other animals do. So, you will have to spend more time behind them. They will take more time getting used to your weight. The teaching and training process is lengthy. Its time consuming and can be irritating.
  • Horses are swift movers. They have a sturdy and muscular build that helps them to move smoothly. The cattle body structure is large or wide. Sometimes they struggle to keep the balance of their own body. So, riding a cow will always be a risky affair of being injured.


People can use cows for riding. But are they the best option available? No! They are not. They lack agility and sharp movements.

We have witnessed many people riding cows. But that happens once in a while. If you decide to ride a cow, you are in for an uncomfortable journey.

Therefore, it is better to choose other available animals in place of the best domestic animal. Horses are a better choice. They provide speed, agility, and stability while riding. So, next time you decide to ride a cow, do it at your own risk.