Can Cats Eat Fish Bones? – All You Need To Know

Thinking about cats before they were domesticated, I can’t help concluding that they would prey on fish.

Domesticated cats would face difficulties if they tried to eat boned fish, whether cooked or raw.

There would be severe issues with the digestion of the bones.

Domesticated cats are most often fed with cooked food, so they might lose the instinct of eating the boned fish raw.

Far from that, pet cats seem to enjoy fish, and the presence of bones in it can’t stop them from enjoying their meal.


Most cat parents worry most about if the presence of bones in the fish can choke their cat.

This is a very plausible thing to ponder about because you wouldn’t wish to witness your little friend choking mercilessly.

Bones in uncooked fish are far much better than the ones found in cooked fish.

It is much easier for a cat to chew and crunch at uncooked fish bones compared to the cooked ones.

The bones in the cooked fish can easily splinter and stray to the cat’s windpipe and other sensitive places during eating.

This may cause serious damage to sensitive digestive parts of a cat.

To avoid any complications that might be caused by the presence of bones in a fish, you should supplement it with other food of the same category.

Make the fish a treat and feed your cat with it stingily. Accidents from fish bones can happen, and it can be dangerous.

Available Fish For Cat Food

Whenever you decide to give a fish treat to your cat, you should consider these types of fish readily available in most food chains.

Salmon Fish

This breed of fish is commonly used in manufacturing most cat’s commercial fish. The bad thing about it is, they are raised on the farm and not freshly caught.

Salmon fish are reared with a lot of antibiotics to avoid the spread of diseases. This makes it a not so safe choice for feeding your cat.

Tuna Fish

This fish is generally at the top of the food chain because of the host of benefits it claims can give to your cat. Just to burst your bubbles a little bit, it will increase your trip to the vet.

They accumulate a lot of metals during rearing, which is not good for your cat’s health.

It also contains heavy mercury in its stream, and only one serving for your cat of this fish is recommended.

You should also note that tuna fish is highly addictive to your cat and may not desire any other food after they have tasted the tuna.

Tile Fish

This is the most contaminated toxic fish to feed your cat.

Usually labeled as Ocean White Fish, women and children are often warned to desist from partaking this fish because it can cause serious problems.

This warning is not far from your cat’s health, either.

However, Omega-3 fatty acids are critical components in cat food at the end of the day.

What to do then if most fish at the food chain can be harmful? Wild-caught fish from freshwaters is the right safe choice.

Consider supplementing the above with sardines, anchovies, and tilapia.

Whether it is fresh from the farmer’s market or included in the commercial food, ensure that you are familiar with the fish that is safe for your cat.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Choking With Fish Bone?

There are several things you can do to save your choking little friend.

First of all, you need to calm down your cat and place them to lie on their side and pat them gently on the back.

Another thing you can do is mouth sweeping.

Open the mouth of your cat and move your finger around gently to see if you can locate the obstruction.

If you find anything obstructive, remove it with tweezers as you try to breathe into its nostrils.

This, however, is the first aid, and it might not go as expected. Make a call to your vet as soon as possible and have your cat examined.

There are ways you can also use to eliminate choking in a cat.

If you should feed your cat with a fish, examine it thoroughly for any bones that might steal its way to the wrong places. Never let your cat eat risky food unattended.

Always sit by your cat and watch them eat just in case of anything because, unlike us, it can be hard to tell whatever is wrong with them.