Can Cats Eat Chocolate Ice Cream? All You Need To Know!

can cats eat chocolate ice cream

​Ice cream is one of the top go-to food we have today. Are you happy? Get an ice cream. Are you feeling sad? Gulp a tub of ice cream.

But as you are about to introduce a taste of chocolate ice cream to your cats’ palate – you start to ask yourself – can cats eat chocolate ice cream?

You might be surprised to know that cats are advised against eating dairy products (such as milk), which are the main ingredients of ice cream.

Not to mention, a small amount of chocolate (even just 0.5 oz) is potentially fatal for your cats.

While ice cream and chocolates are both pleasant for our senses, this might turn out badly for our little furry friends.

Read on to know more about your cats” diet!

Ice Cream Health Risks For Cats


As much as humans love chocolates, it is otherwise regarded in the cats” world. Chocolates and cats do not go well together.

How is that possible? Chocolates are composed of all good things on Earth and an organic compound called theobromine.

It’s an alkaloid that when ingested by cats causes indigestion and turns out to be toxic for the cats” system.

Side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach ache. At worse cases, it causes seizures and even death. Hence, chocolate is a major no for cats.

Ice Cream

The main ingredient for ice cream is milk. Good quality milk can be the defining line between a great and a nasty ice cream experience.

Now that we know that chocolate can be fatal for cats, will other flavors be tolerable?

Contrary to what we see on TV, cats are lactose intolerant their whole life. In other words, any dairy products (especially milk) can cause cats to have an upset stomach.

The only milk accepted by the cats” system is the one coming from the mother kitties.

While kittens survive solely on milk in the first two months of their life, it is not advisable to be replacing cat’s milk with commercial ones.

Kittens have a particular set of nutritional needs, and the best source of it is no other than a cats” milk. If unavailable, better consult your vet for an alternative.

Hence, going back to the question, can cats have other flavored ice creams?

It’s still a no. Unless you find yourself a lactose-free ice cream, you should not take the risk of giving ice cream to your cats.

Other Dairy Products

Ice cream and milk are not the only dairy product out there. Other items, such as yogurt, cheese, and butter, can be detrimental to your cats” health as well.

Since that we know for a fact that cats” natural diet is purely protein-enriched and highly meat-focused, then their diet should follow suit.

It can save you a trip to the vet if you are aware of the nutritional guidelines for a feline’s diet.

The easiest way to plan their meal is to ask their vet or follow a cat nutritionist.

Alternative To Ice Cream For Cats

The idea of cats licking ice cream, a chocolate ice cream at that, is a delightful sight to think of.

But as we learn that cats are intolerant of milk and the number one enemy of chocolates, the picture slowly fades away.

Not to fret, think that these human goodies are not meant for your little furball.

It is technically not a loss for cats to be missing a chocolate ice cream on their diet.

Remember that they do not have an appreciation of the sweet taste; hence, losing ice cream does not hurt at all.

If you want your cats to have a sumptuous treat, try premium cans of dry food. These products are specially made to fill your cat’s needs without risking their health.

Not only that, cat food is nutritious; it also brings a mouth-watering experience for your furry babies.

So, can cats eat chocolate ice cream by any chance?

Though we know that sweets and other sugary treats such as ice cream and chocolates are unlikely to be eaten by cats, it is still best to keep these goodies out of range.

Kittens may opt to eat anything during their early months, just like how babies eat weird things within their reach.

If you suspect your cat of having eaten a chocolate or ice cream (or anything dairy), quickly be in touch with your vet.

Going back to the question of can you feed your feline choco ice cream, I am confident you will agree with a big fat NO after knowing how it could affect your cats” health.