Best 5 Rabbit Litter Odor Control That Actually Work – Review

Rabbits are cute animals and perfect pets to many people all over the world.

Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits require a lot more accessories and pet care items like litter control, odor beds, and specific pet enclosures.

Most of all, a rabbit’s litter has more pungent and heavy smell than any other pets, which is why using litter odor controllers becomes important with rabbits.

While many options are in the market for a person to consider, here are some of the best rabbit litter odor controllers out there.

Best Overall

So Phresh Scented Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding

So Phresh Scented Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding Litter Odor Control

Introduction And Features

Manufactured by “So Phresh”, this crumbled paper bedding features a veterinarian recommended bedding mixed with baking soda.

It is absorbing and helps keep your pets dry.

The paper used in the manufacture of this bedding is 100% post-consumer and handy in keeping pungent and bad odors of rabbit’s litter away.

Overall, it does its job very efficiently and provides excellent value to the user while keeping the bunnies happy and dry at the same time. Don’t worry; it’s easy to wash as well.

Bedding is 99% percent dust-free and 100% non-allergenic in its chemistry, making it very safe and convenient for use in many environments.

There are two commercially available sizes in the market; 10L and 40L bedding packages.


  • Excellent in function
  • Quite easy and comfortable to use
  • Quickly gets rid of bad odor
  • Anti-allergic
  • Dust-free
  • Fresh Scented


  • Limited in operation
  • Needs replacement comparatively sooner

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User Insights

In one sentence, this is the right product for small pet owners.

However, if you are looking for something related to a cat or raccoon-dogs, some might say you will want to look for something bigger and far more efficient.

It is a good absorber and efficient in keeping bad odors away. Therefore, you might use it in those portions that have moist environments as well. The super-absorbing feature also helps to keep your pets dry.

The paper-bedding quality, on the other hand, is relatively good, and it can provide excellent comfort to your pet. The product is particularly effective for a small pet like a rabbit.

Cleaning should be done as soon as the odor starts breaking out, or the appearance of bedding changes dramatically.

Using washed and dried bedding, again and again, will lead to functionality-loss. That is why it is recommended to replace rather than clean the bedding after one usage cycle.

Most of the time, odor beddings are a good option for pets kept in a hutch like hamsters, rabbits, etcetera.

The package commercially available comes in two volumes; 10L and 40L. So, you’ll have to choose from them based on your needs.


Overall, this odor control bedding is recommended for smaller pets.

The material and operations of this bedding are good, and it even delivers more than you would expect if you respect the limits of the product.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding Litter Odor Control

Introduction And Features

Manufactured and designed by “Kaytee”, white animal bedding is acclaimed to be one of the most effective and widely used small animal beddings in America.

The most impacting thing about this bedding is the fact that it is 99.9% dust-free and features a soft and comfortable texture for your pets at the same time.

Not only that, but the bedding is also FDA certified, which means only quality materials have been used in its manufacture. The bedding is not scented, but it has effective odor control. The color, however, is pure white.

The white color makes it easy to spot-clean more soiled areas, making individual bags last longer because a full dump-out cage clean is not always necessary.

This bedding is soft and comfortable and provides pets with excellent nesting and tunnel-making material, which enriches the lives of hamsters, rabbits, and mice – who naturally build nests.

Unlike conventional bedding for your pets that doesn’t even expand, this bedding expands a lot!


  • Good Build Quality
  • Durable
  • Easy Operation
  • Great User Experience
  • Perfect Volume
  • Precise Expansion


  • Odor absorption is not enough for reeking litter

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User Insights

The bedding works perfectly and has a very comfortable and soft surface. The softness of the paper enables the bedding to provide extra comfort to your rabbit.

While this is a good thing, you might want to check if your rabbit is happy with the depth. Usually, soft papers compress over time, and this may cause a significant change for your rabbit.

Therefore, you should be on the lookout as to when the bedding starts lowering. Make sure it is within 1-3 inches.

Longer paper meshes can easily be expanded with a single round of hand-rubbing, and the weight of the bedding can be equally distributed in the pet cage as well.

Thus, combined with the odor absorption, this bedding easily cuts to the chase, and you can expect it to keep at it for a considerable time.

Additionally, the build quality of the paper mesh is outstanding, which makes the bedding very soft.

In operation, the bedding isn’t very bright as it is not as absorbing, but it gets the job done with flying colors in terms of comfort.

Another thing worth mentioning is the comfort it provides to your rabbit like he is in his burrow because of its well-adjusted material.


Overall, this paper bedding can be highly recommended because of its build quality and comfort. For use from hamsters to rabbits in your home, the Kaytee White Bedding would do more than just fine.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding Litter Odor Control

Introduction And Features

Another product from “Kaytee” that features a conventional bedding material; made of post-consumer paper, which makes it more comfortable for the pets.

The bedding can be easily regarded as a strong-smelling lavender because of the strong scent it has, and this might be a concern either for you or your pet.

Although the bedding is quite conventional, the functionality of this scented bedding is highly specific. You can confidently expect a long lifetime; if your pet does not develop any reactions to this bedding.

The best article found in this bedding is probably its scent, which can be confidently said as the most suitable one for a freshening room atmosphere and keep your rabbit cage from stinking.

There is a variety of scents as well as volume packages included by Kaytee to provide you with a few options.


  • Efficient
  • Absorbing
  • Dust-free
  • Strong Scented
  • VERY Soft
  • Long-lived
  • Easy to use


  • Can be allergic to pets

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User Insights

The bedding is essentially for pets who have a fouler and stinking litter and does not give as much comfort as the white version of this company provides to your pets. Unless you are sensitive to strong scents (referring to lavender), this might be the perfect bedding to have for your pet rabbits.

This bedding is scented enough to make even the hardest of stink fade away. So, you won’t be rubbing and shutting your nose around a lot to clear the disgusting scent of your sweetie’s litter.

Additionally, the bedding is a soft post-consumer paper, which means you can cover more areas and add more comfort.

If at any time, you face worn-out bedding, you can go ahead and replace it. (Sorry, but you shouldn’t use recycled bedding, or this might harm your pets)

The bedding is not grippy, so that it won’t stick to your rabbit’s fur. It is relatively light-weight and won’t cause you any trouble.

Although heavier ones have much larger operational applications, they tend to wear the user’s arm out due to their weight and are equally challenging to live in for the pets.

Therefore, for smaller pets that do not require heavy-duty beddings, simple bedding would do the job quite effectively.

Also, due to the strong smells involved and some material of the bedding, your pet might develop allergies, and you are advised to stop using this bedding and consult a veterinary specialist if allergies persist.


Now, the best part of this weed bedding is its impeccable odor management. For some, it might be too scented, but it can tackle even the stinkiest pet litter.

The resilience and simplicity that come together in this particular type of bedding is another good thing. It is highly recommended for people who want a long-term helper to keep the stinks out of their pet’s cages.

Sunseed Small Animal Bedding

Sunseed Small Animal Rabbit Litter Odor Control

Introduction And Features

This manual bedding is time-honored as a classic technique and is made with baking soda.

It is practical, and you won’t have to worry about the same stinking smells going around your house anymore.

It doesn’t eliminate the stink. The bedding absorbs it directly from your pets.

This might be better since the litter is absorbed as a whole while your pet remains clean.

The whole bedding is made of post-consumer paper, and there are no harmful chemicals like phenol.

The Sunseed Small Animal Bedding has one of the best absorbency owing to its premium manufacturing methods.

In case the bedding allows the smell to circulate, consider it as an indication for the change of bedding. Typically, you’d be wise to change the bedding after every seven days.

Moreover, it is easy to use and provides satisfactory results.


  • Phenol Free Manufacture
  • Highly Expandable
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Effective
  • Excellent Absorbency


  • Not scented
  • Requires frequent and timely cleaning
  • Can’t be re-used

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User Insights

Now, the old yet effective beddings are mainly made to “remove” rather than “hide” the rumpuses and long to get rid of them permanently.

Cleaning the bedding is not the only thing, in this case, so you should not just set and forget about it.

Think of it as just a pullout for your pet that will help you pull some stinking smell from him.

Note that it might or might not be allergic to your rabbit. For this, regularly check his health, and if you notice any swelling, rashes, sneezing in your rabbit: stop using this bedding.

In case the symptoms don’t go away, take him to a veterinary specialist.

While it has quality, it is not perfect. This does not expand like the others, besides it is usually more expensive, it releases a little dust.

Therefore, it is only useful when you are expecting to remove smells for pets like rabbits, mice, hamsters, etc. and looking to manage all their litter.

While it is fairly easy to use, you might need to spend more time clearing the area as you would have to pull out the used bedding once a week or less.

This will usually be contingent on the number of your pets. Evident is not soft but compensates for it with its absorption of liquids and odors, plus it is not so light (it doesn’t fly so easily out of the cage in case your rabbit loves to dig or jump).

Although it does not expand, the size of the bag makes it last, and if it is true that a portion in the cage lasts 14 days controlling odors, unlike others, that in 7, you already notice the use.

Not to mention that you’ll get a load of around 20 pounds of this bedding in the bag.


Since this bedding deals with all small-pet scenarios, it would be recommended to people who face stinking smells time-to-time.

Carefresh Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Pet Bedding

Carefresh Custom Rabbit Pet Bedding Litter Odor Control

Introduction And Features

Manufactured by “Carefresh”, this paper bedding features comfy-fluff bedding mixed with baking soda that allows almost double absorbance. The paper used in the making of this bedding is also 100% post-consumer and handy in keeping pungent and bad odors of rabbit’s litter away for as long as 10 days.

Most of the time, it absorbs all the litter, but its speed is too slow for the bunnies to be happy and dry at the same time.

Considering this bedding has a higher capacity but lower speed because of a different manufacturing process.

Bedding is dust-free and 100% non-allergenic, which brands it safe and convenient to use for many pets. There are four commercially available sizes in the market; 23L, 30L, 50L, and 60L bedding packages.


  • Species-Specific
  • Soft
  • Fresh
  • Dry
  • Clean


  • Slow Absorbance

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User Insights

Cleaning the bedding is required much often with this thing, so you should not just overlook it. This particular rabbit bedding releases a lot of dust that needs to settle down. If you make enough layers, it is the perfect bedding for your rabbits.

However, the litter absorbance of this bedding is not as great as other products from the same company.

Although they provide very good absorbance and no dust, this generic white product is convenient in other aspects like the absorbance capacity and softness.

It is effortless to use and set-up. However, put on gloves while cleaning or replacing the bedding to prevent germs from getting on your hands.

Additionally, you might need to spend more time with the used bedding once every two weeks or even less. This will usually be depending on the number of your pets.

Not to mention that you’ll get a load of around 20 pounds of this bedding in the bag.


It not only absorbs effectively but is also very easy to operate and soft.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions might pop in your head,

Which Bedding-type Is Better?

Paper beddings are usually preferred over wood, cloth, cotton beddings because they are both in-expensive and environment-friendly. Also, they have very good absorbance and are softer as well.

What Is The Average Lifetime Of A Bedding?

It is mainly dependent on the frequency of usage. More use will eventually lead to less life, no matter what type of bedding you are using.

Since most of them are not re-usable, you’ll have to change the bedding almost every time it starts to stink.

Do Wood-crumbs Work Better Than Paper Beddings?

While the function of both these beddings is the same, wood-crumbs are much less effective and have limited applications while compared to paper beddings.

They have less absorbance, and they start to stink a lot sooner.

Can A Rabbit Fell Ill Because Of Bedding?

Usually, this depends on the type and make of the bedding.

Universally, beddings average around scented and natural, which are usually safe enough for small animals like rabbits, mice, hamsters, and Guinea pigs, but if they might develop allergies and severe conditions because of the wrong type of bedding.

To avoid this, you are advised to always check for symptoms in your pet after you change or even replace the bedding.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Bedding?

The most effective technique is to use compression with water and then properly rinsing. If you have washable bedding, you can also apply some soap.

For paper beddings, however, you should always replace them instead of washing them as paper beddings are easily shredded through water or rinsing.

Which Is The Best Bedding For My Rabbit?

There are a lot of different options in the market, from paper beddings to cotton beddings. Usually, there are no best beddings, and it is a hit and trial policy to find the perfect bedding for your rabbit.

Start with some beddings and see your pet’s reaction – this will give you the best idea.

Can Beddings Be Used For Birds?

Yes, beddings can also be used for birds but make sure they do not eat the bedding confusingly as it may be dangerous.

How Is Bedding Made?

Bedding consists of just two main parts. One is the fluff (paper, cotton, wood, etc.) and the other one, scent. Mixing and other components are added, and every manufacturer has them in different proportions.

The resulting bedding should be soft and absorbing.

How Does Bedding Work?

The answer is simple; by absorbing all the litter and covering up all the stinking smells.

The scent used in making the bedding kicks in here and replaces the stinking smell giving you a fresh environment.

What Is The Comfortable Volume Of A Bedding?

The bedding should cover all the base volume of the cage, and there should be no patches in it.

How Deep Should Bedding Be?

The bedding should be anywhere between 1-3 inches. It should be enough for many cages and small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. For bigger cages.

Are Cotton Rolls And Cotton-bedding Different?

Yes, cotton rolls are proper rolls made from agricultural tools used in industries, medicine, and household uses.

On the contrary, cotton-beddings are recycled versions of cotton and are used as absorbers in pet cages, and many more places.


Since there are many options in the market, it must be hard for anyone to be satisfied with a single product. Therefore, you should always look forward to your needs for proper guidance.

All the products mentioned above are best for different scenarios as it is described within their reviews. However, you should not make a hasty decision based on what you want but instead, decide on what you need.

In the end, a fair deal is when you take some well-thought products home.

Happy Shopping!