Best 5 Organic Rabbit Food (Review) – Nutritionist’s Top Picks

Rabbits are perfect pets for many people all over the world.

Most of all, a rabbit’s meal has to be more nourishing and not too heavy to upset your pet’s little belly.

When the market is full of options with one being better than the other, it gets tough to make the right choice.

Here are some of the best rabbit foods you can buy eyes closed.

Best Overall

Coyote Creek Certified Organic Feed – Rabbit Pellets

Coyote Creek Certified Organic Feed Rabbit Pellets

Food Overview

Manufactured by “Coyote Creek”, 100% organic pellets give your pet a high-in-fiber daily diet for excellent nourishment.

It has more vitamins and added minerals to boost your rabbit’s health. The long-stranded design of timothy-hay gives complete nutrition to your rabbit as well.

Besides, there is a non-GMO certification.

Overall, this rabbit food offers excellent value to the user while keeping the bunnies happy and healthy.

Coyote Creek’s rabbit food, although not recommended by Rabbit House Society, is one of the most fibrous, organic, and healthy rabbit foods out there.

It is available in a pack of 20 lbs.


  • Excellent nourishment
  • Easy to switch for the rabbit
  • No added chemicals
  • 100% organic
  • Perfectly sized


  • Species-specific
  • Needs proper proportioning

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User Insights

Rabbit Pellets from Coyote Creek is a premium hay-based 100% organic rabbit food.

While this provides excellent nourishment to the rabbit, you should know that it might be hard to switch for your little pet if it was previously on an inorganic diet.

Bunnies usually find a hard time trying to switch to any food after eating from a different brand for quite a while. So, you should not get worried if your bunny doesn’t touch his new menu.

Coyote Creek has introduced pellet-styled rabbit food, and the pellets are neither too small nor too big, which makes them relatively easy to chew.

Also, they have an attractive smell, which will help your bunny get the most of his appetite.

However, you might want to use the food in definite portions to prevent digestive disorders. The super-nourishing feature also helps to keep your pet in his best shape.

The product is particularly effective for rabbits and is designed based on their bodies; therefore, you should not use it as a feed for other pets.

They have a long shelf-life, but you should always air-seal and use it within a couple of months to reduce the chance of expiry since they are 100% natural.


The pure natural ingredients used by Coyote Creek are much needed for the proper growth of your rabbit. Overall, this rabbit food is recommended due to its 100% pure organic manufacture.

Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay Rabbit Food

Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Rabbit Food,

Food Overview

Manufactured and designed by “Oxbow”, Bene Terra Meadow Hay food is acclaimed to be one of the most effective and widely used 100% organic rabbit foods in America.

It is a more nourishing and fortified gourmet. Moreover, it is USDA-certified.

The food is not preserved and scented, but it is guaranteed fresh by Oxbow.

The product comes in a 15 OZ standard size. The texture of this rabbit food is soft and provides pets with excellent jaw movement.

Unlike a conventional rabbit food made of hay, this one goes above and beyond your expectations. Moreover, you can use it for other small animals as well.


  • Good Quality
  • Nourishing
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to digest
  • Perfect Volume


  • Can decay quickly

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User Insights

This rabbit food is perfect in terms of nourishment and added minerals but has a very short shelf-life since it is simply meadow hay.

The softness provides extra comfort to your rabbit. While this is a good thing, you might want to check if your rabbit is happy with the food.

Usually, soft hay compresses over time, and this may cause a significant change in taste.

Longer pellets can easily be digested, and there are added foods such as vegetables and grains that provide extra nourishment to your bunny.


Overall, this food can be highly recommended because of its easy digestion.

For use from hamsters to rabbits in your home, Oxbow’s Meadow Hay would do more than just fine.

Farmerdavepetsupply 150 Organic Apple Thin Stick Bulk Pack For Rabbits And Small Animals

FarmerDavePetSupply 150 Organic Apple Thin Stick Bulk Pack

Food Overview

An exceptional product from “FarmerDavePetSupply” features 150 organic apple sticks to be consumed by your bunny.

This rabbit food can be easily regarded as a nourishing and health-improving consumable for your pet rabbit as it is 100% organic.

These apple sticks provide necessary dental exercise and are a huge step forward towards dental health as well as better digestion.

Although the formula is quite conventional, based on simple, chewable apple sticks, the function of this naturally preserved food is very diverse.

It can be fed to many small animals and of different species. You can confidently expect a long life if your pet does not develop any reactions to this food. Just store them away from sunlight.

There are different volume packages to provide you with a few options. The most common one comes with 150 Sticks Bulk.


  • Fortified
  • Healthy support diet
  • Preservative-free
  • Nutrition rich
  • Dental health improvement
  • Easy to digest


  • May not look interesting to some rabbits

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User Insights

FarmerDavePetSupply’s apple sticks are essentially for pets who have degrading dental health and troubled digestion. This can be evident from their daily habits and litter.

Unless you are looking to spend more for your pet’s diet and get a premium buffet for him, these apple sticks diet might be the perfect food for your pet rabbits as it provides the best value and comes at an affordable price-tag.

This pet food is not artificially preserved, so you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals you are feeding to your pets.

It has all the essential vitamins and minerals to help ensure your rabbit is nourished to its fullest.

There is absolutely no doubt that these apple sticks are among the best choices in organic foods straight from the garden.


Now, the best part of these apple sticks is fantastic dental management. For some, it might be too crunchy, but it can provide good exercise for your rabbit’s jaws.

The rigidity and minimalism that come together in this particular type of food is another good thing. It is highly recommended for people who want a long-term helper to keep their rabbits healthier.

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food For Rabbits

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Rabbits

Food Overview

Produced by “Oxbow”, this rabbit food is time-honored as a classic grass-based pet food made with a non-GMA formula. It is effective, and you won’t have to worry about the same troubles going around with your pet’s digestive system anymore.

It enables the bunny to absorb all the nutrition from a mix of three types of grasses. The combined nourishing properties from three sources benefit your pet all at once.

The whole manufacturing and ingredients are put together in such a way as to mimic the naturally available foods in a rabbit’s habitat.

This makes the product even more beneficial as it doesn’t have any artificial additives. Moreover, it is easy to digest and provides satisfactory nourishment.

For the shelf-life of this food, it would be wise to replace it every seven days.


  • Natural Mimic Manufacture
  • Highly nourishing
  • Good ingredients
  • Non-GMA formula


  • Requires proper serving amounts
  • Can’t be left open for long

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User Insights

Now, old yet natural food is a real thing for pet rabbits. Removing artificiality, they take special care not to compromise on the nourishing benefits of their rabbit food.

The three main ingredients in this rabbit food are Timothy, oat, and orchard grass hay. That’s what rabbits love to eat; grass and hay.

Think of it as just a withdrawal for your pet that will help you keep harmful industrial foods away from his delicate stomach.

Note that it might or might not be allergic to your rabbit if he has been on a different diet for quite a while. To counter this, start adding Oxbow’s food gradually in the rabbit’s meal and keep stepping its quantity up until you have replaced the previous food. It will take some time for the bunny to adjust, but it will eventually come to Oxbow’s natural taste.

Pets can be picky eaters like humans. Some of them will immediately take it down, while others may take a while to do so.


Since this food deals with all digestive issues naturally, it would be recommended to those who face digestive disorders or look for a healthy replacement for their rabbits.

Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Rabbit Food

Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Rabbit Food,

Food Overview

This rabbit food features six fatty acids mixed with omega-three that ensures perfect nourishment.

The organic formula ensures proper nutrition and overall health improvement.

They are high in fiber and low in protein. The first ingredient is grass hay, which is better than those that include Alfalfa. Although Alfalfa is richer in terms of proteins, it is not suitable for adult bunnies as it stresses their stomachs.

Therefore, it is safe to consume and an equally better choice if you can convert to organic rabbit food.

There is only a single package of this food available, which comes at a 3-pound weight.


  • Species-specific
  • No chemicals
  • Soft
  • Fresh
  • Organic
  • Nourishing


  • Specific smell

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User Insights

If you look to shift from a diet like Kaytee’s Forti-pro to something organic, Oxbow’s Bene Terra might be the perfect choice for you.

This particular rabbit food focuses on your bunnies’ digestive system and nourishment.

However, since the food is purely organic, your bunnies might be turned down by its smell. Considering that, it may take some time for your pet to even dig in this pot.

It is very nourishing, and your pet will probably understand that from its smell.


Oxbows organic rabbit foods not only provide excellent nutrition but are also chemical-free, which makes them more likely a choice for pet owners.

Therefore, if you are shortlisting an organic diet for your rabbits, Oxbow’s Bene Terra Organic Rabbit Food must be top of the list.

Best Organic Rabbit Food – Frequently Asked Questions

These questions might pop into your head after you have decided on a food for your rabbit.

Which Food Type Is Best For My Rabbits?

Hay and natural foods are usually preferred over packed foods because they are extra nourishing, cheap, and good for the health of your bunnies.

Since they are natural, they have a better potential for nourishing and improving your rabbit’s health.

What Is The Average Lifetime Of Packed Rabbit Food?

It is mainly dependent on the type of storage. Open and wet conditions will eventually lead to shorter food life.

Since most of them are not preserved for the health of your pets, you’ll have to make sure that food is stored properly in a dry place.

Is Hay A Better Food For Rabbits?

While hay is one of the favorite meals for a rabbit, the nourishment and vitamin needs cannot be fulfilled solely with grass.

Therefore, you must add another source to your rabbit’s diet to meet all his nutrition needs.

Can A Rabbit Fell Ill Because Of A Food Switch?

Like humans, rabbits are also picky eaters. That’s why they may not accept any changes in their diet. However, your rabbit might stop eating if you do the switch wrong, and it is quite normal.

Therefore, if you want to switch your bunny’s meal, you should gradually replace a portion of his present diet with the new one.

What Is Best Food For My Rabbit?

The most effective and nourishing foods for a rabbit are vegetables, hay, packed foods, grass, etc.

To avoid over-eating and food-poisoning, you should always provide meals on a proportionate and timely basis.

Can Rabbits Eat Meat?

No, rabbits are not fond of meat, and meat consumption can severely affect their health.

How To Switch My Rabbit’s Meal?

Try to shift to the new meal by mixing with your existing meal a little at a time and slowly increase the ratio until it’s only that meal.

You should do this any time you switch meals so that your bunnies’ digestive system and his tongue gets used to it.

How Much Should A Bunny Eat?

The answer is variable on species; for most, they should eat 1/4th of pet food every day. This may also depend on the age and size of the rabbit.

What Should I Feed My Rabbit Daily?

Rabbits should have a daily diet of mostly hay, a smaller amount of fresh vegetables, and a limited number of pellets.

Hay is the most critical part of a rabbit’s daily intake.

Unlimited, high-quality grass hay, such as Timothy, orchard, or brome, should make up the bulk of a rabbit’s diet.

What Foods Are Toxic To Rabbits?

These foods are not suitable for rabbits. If consumed, they can seriously damage a rabbit’s digestive system.

How Many Pellets Should I Feed My Rabbit?

Mature adult rabbits should be fed unlimited Timothy, grass hay, and oat hay. Once again, it would help if you reduced the pellet portion of the diet.

A standard guideline is 1/4 cup of pellets per 6 lbs. of body weight per day.